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Award-winning technology journalist Alexander Wolfe is currently Senior Director, From 2006 until mid-2013, he variously led the editorial teams on, EE Times, and Design News. In each case, he was able to significantly grow site traffic, while upsetting legacy stakeholders by his disinterest in the print mind-set.

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As a columnist, Wolfe is known for his opinionated, insightful coverage of both the computer industry (IT) and personal tech. His sometimes snarky but always sui generis musings on the twin titans of the PC Tick-Tock Era—Intel and Microsoft—were almost recognized by the 2008 Jesse H. Neal Awards, where his blog was a finalist.

After almost two decades, Wolfe would increasingly like to turn the page on the story for which he's best known, though he continues to spotlight it because it remains a useful career-gooser. As a young(er) EE Times reporter, he broke the news about Intel's Pentium floating-point division bug. It remains arguably among the top five tech stories of the past quarter-century, as well as the biggest story in the history of the electronics-industry trade press, period. The piece, which can legitimately be called investigative journalism, was ferreted out by applying broad technical knowledge—Wolfe was originally trained as an engineer at New York City’s formerly tuition-free Cooper Union—and adding some virtual shoe leather. (See Richard Tedlow's account in his biography of Andy Grove.)

Wolfe is also the author of two InformationWeek Analytics research reports--State of Server Technology (June 2010) and IT Pro: Enterprise 2.0 Applications (Feb. 2011)—as well as one of those unpublished Forrester reports they have you do when you apply for an analyst job there. (He has it somewhere.)

Alex believes we’re living in a post-literate era, which is one reason he loves to do video. He has appeared as an industry analyst on CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. He is also a conference speaker and emcee, having hit a high point at Design West 2013, where he introduced “The Big Bang Theory” Emmy winner Mayim Bialik to the keynote audience at the San Jose Convention Center. (Before her speech, Ms. Bialik was kind enough to briefly extricate herself from the green-room throng to take a photo with Alex.)

Wolfe would like to retire from writing to pursue Kickstarter funding for his latest invention, the 140-character Twitter hashtag. As the desktop continues to droop and mobile ascends, Wolfe believes that high-information-value content will thrive, regardless of whether it comes from the polar brand opposites of business or personal. Meanwhile, the mush in the middle will devolve into a cacophony to which no one pays any attention.

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Alex is the also the author of two InformationWeek Analytics research reports: 2010 State of Server Technology, (June 2010) and IT Pro Ranking: Enterprise 2.0 Applications (Feb. 2011).

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